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At Sporting Edge we specialise in tailoring indoor sports events to your specific requirements.

  • Whether it be a social event, a team building exercises, or a semi-serious competition, you can rest assured that we have the staff, facilities and experience to help you make it a success.
  • Our management team are responsible for the weekly administration of hundreds of teams all year round
  • Our facilities are widely regarded as the best in the country

Let us take the hardwork out of organising your next event and help make it something to remember.

Sports Available

A new and exciting adaptation of the outdoor game; it emphasises running, passing and ball skills to provide a high energy, fast moving game.

The ever popular indoor version of the outdoor game. Netball is fast paced yet accessible to players of all skill levels. 6 or 7 aside versions available.

Action Cricket T20 6aside provides a high scoring simplistic format that makes an exciting game to be enjoyed by people of all ages, both men and women.

You’ve seen the movie, now play the game. Dodgeball is a fun and exciting sport, suitable for players of all fitness and skill levels.

A indoor variation of the outdoor sport for players of all skill and fitness levels. It’s easy to learn and a great option for mixed teams.

A popular sport for players of all skill and fitness levels. It’s easy to learn and a great option for mixed teams.

All of our sports are fast, fun, easy to learn, and based on the traditional outdoor codes. The rules for each sport have been adapted to allow for the fact that they are being played not only indoors, but also within fully tensioned nets that add to the excitement of each game.


For all bookings, we provide the following:

  • Court hire and lighting
  • Playing equipment
  • Access to bar and shop facilities


Take advantage of our fantastic facilities to organise and run your own event. We are happy to provide a referee at an extra cost.

Get the full Sporting Edge Experience! Allow our staff to do what they do best! We will administrate and run an event tailored to your requests. These can be any of our sports or a combination of them all.

The Full Monty includes staff to run and umpire all games on the day, full draws and competition ladders, all playing equipment, electronic scoreboards with team names loaded on our screens, a run-down of the rules before commencing and a presentation with awards at the end.

If you and your group are looking for more than a one off sports day, speak to us about setting up your own league. Typically weekly games with a minimum of 4 teams. Get The Full Monty experience over a full season just for you!

What Next?

Call us to talk through the available options and your specific requirements.

If you already like what you see, and think that this is the sporting event you’ve been looking for, these are the next steps that need to be taken;

  • Call us with a few dates in mind, so we can check availability. The centre is available 7 days a week and hours are flexible.
  • Confirm your team numbers as soon as possible, keeping in mind that if the team numbers either increase or decrease, the format may have to be reviewed to allow for such changes.
  • Get back to us with a confirmed date so we can reserve the courts needed for your games, and enable us to make all the necessary arrangements for the success of your event.
  • Provide us with a list of team names so that we can create a personalised draw for distribution to your teams prior to the event.
  • Arrive on the day and have a hassle-free day of fun. We need your teams to turn up at least half an hour before their first games, ready to play, ready to have fun, and then leave the rest up to us.


If you have any questions/suggestions in relation to these events, please feel free to call us. We are more than happy to discuss these with you.

Call us today to discuss your next event.

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